Are Landlords Missing Out On Good Tenants?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tenant Referencing Allows Landlords To Rent To The Best Tenants

Tenant Referencing Allows Landlords To Rent To The Best Tenants

Landlords Still Failing To
Reference Tenant Applicants

In the digital age that we live in, many landlords still fail to recognise that they no longer have to rely on gut instinct alone to get the best tenants they can into their rental properties. Advanced tenant referencing systems mean that the days of taking people on face value have passed and instead landlords should be utilising the technology at their fingertips.

The advances in technology mean that even more information is capable of being held on computer databases about each and every one of us and the plus side is that this digital information makes tenant referencing more detailed and accurate, saving landlords potential headaches and financial worries because fully referenced tenants have very little to hide.

Tenant referencing has developed dramatically over the last few years and the digital age means that a wealth of personal details can be obtained by simply clicking a button, however, there is so much information available it is wise to employ professional service providers to compile and correlate only the relevant information pertaining to financial, employment and rental histories of tenant applicants.Many landlords are still failing to perform even the most basic of tenant referencing checks before allowing unreferenced tenants to live in their rental properties because the landlord liked them and the tenants offered enough cash to persuade the landlord that they could be trusted, only for the landlord to face problems a few weeks or months into the tenancy when the property becomes damaged or the tenants stop paying the rent.

Allowing people to live in rented properties is a business decision that should not be taken lightly by landlords as it makes sense to check the background and financial status of anyone who wants to rent property, in order to ensure some of the details that are provided to landlords are correct, including the following:

  • The applicant is who they claim to be
  • The applicant has a good previous rental history
  • The applicant is currently financially solvent or is claiming benefits and has enough of an income to afford the monthly rent
  • The applicant doesn’t have a history of causing damage to properties
  • The applicants do not have anti social behaviour orders made against them

Even the most advanced tenant referencing system cannot predict if tenants will fall into financial difficulty or will face losing their job after a few months, however, the best tenant reference providers analyse the information they obtain from a variety of databases to provide a qualified tenant approval based upon, among other important factors, the applicants solvency, affordability, employment status and previous rental behaviour.

Legal 4 Landlords pioneering tenant referencing system is unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and reliability and is currently the most advanced tenant referencing system available to landlords and letting agents allowing them to track and manage all their tenant reference reports online within just a few clicks and is highly recommended by 97% of UK letting agents currently using the system.

  • Legal 4 Landlords have the most advanced tenant referencing system available to landlords and letting agents
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Faster and easier to use than ever before
  • Choice of 6 different levels of tenant reference checks to choose from
  • Potential to upgrade instant tenant reference checks to full tenant referencing without additional credit searches
  • Letting agents can send and manage their own tenant reference links
  • Choose the right tenants to protect the landlord’s income!

Don’t leave choosing tenants to chance – Tenant Referencing is quick, simple and cost effective and allows landlords to choose only the best tenants for their rental properties.

To discover the wide range of tenant referencing options provided by the UK’s leading supplier to landlords, letting agents and property managers – Click Here!

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