Are Letting Agents Getting The Right Support?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

 Which hat are you wearing today?

 Which hat are you wearing today?

One hat per day, would be nice but It’s not like that when you’re a letting agent, is it?

Sometimes you’re the boss, sometimes the landlord’s your boss, sometimes the tenant’s demanding your time – even the Government has a go, loading you up with more and more rules and regulations.

To be a successful letting agent, you’ve got to be a multi-tasking expert. And as your business grows it gets more and more important to have the right people on your side offering help, advice and support where needed.

Of course, it is possible for letting agents to do their own tenant referencing, but that doesn’t make much sense as if you can delegate a job to someone who can do it better than you, you should.However, don’t use any old credit referencing agency – you need a specialist service.

You need to pick a tenant referencing provider that understands the pressures on your time and which knows you’re not just sitting behind a desk all day.

Pick a team that offers friendly support and competence, quick service and accuracy.

Pick a team that offers six different types of tenant referencing to cover all your potential tenants and which is still excellent value for money.

And pick a team that’s more than just a run of the mill tenant referencing agency, pick one who understands your business, your risks and your issues – inside out.

We know that lettings agents work hard and we know that it’s not an easy job. But as our satisfied customers know, it is possible to share the load. Legal 4 Landlords are your professional, friendly and reliable support team with all the best systems in place.

We offer a comprehensive support portfolio of tenant referencing, insurance and legal services designed especially for letting agents and landlords.

Call us anytime on 0844 567 4001 or find us online at www.legal4landlords.com

Leading rent protection insurance for professional landlords and letting agents.


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