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Thursday, January 30, 2014
Fast, Accurate And Efficient Tenant Referencing by Legal 4 Landlords

Fast, Accurate And Efficient Tenant Referencing by Legal 4 Landlords

Comprehensive Tenant Referencing Saves Landlords Time, Stress And Money!

The number of bad tenants trying to apply for rental properties in the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) is on the rise, according to a number of lettings agencies.

Letting agents who conduct thorough tenant referencing checks on all applicants have reported an increase in the number of previously identified bad tenants trying to secure new tenancies in different areas of the UK’s private rented sector. 

A number of tenant applications were highlighted after the agents used the comprehensive tenant referencing services provide by Legal 4 Landlords, who have an unrivalled and comprehensive market leading system in place. Mike Clarke, director of Castledene Property Management Ltd (Manchester), stated: “We have seen a rise in the number of bad tenants applying for rental properties being identified by comprehensive tenant referencing services. Landlords have to be careful who they let property to and all applicants are routinely referenced by us in order to ensure that the tenants are in good financial standing and have a good track record in rental property and we endeavour to supply our landlords with only the most suitable tenants for their properties”. 

There have been a number of media reports about landlords suffering costly damage to properties because they didn’t conduct proper background checks on tenant applicants, and allowed them to move in quickly, only to discover later that the rent isn’t being paid, or worse that their property has been turned into a drug factory by unscrupulous tenants. 

The most important thing to prevent damage in a rental property is finding the right tenant and the tenant referencing service offered by Legal 4 Landlords is second to none! 

Landlords or their appointed agents should always ask for previous landlord or letting agent references as well as establishing the financial status and employment history of all applicants using the comprehensive tenant referencing service offered by Legal 4 Landlords. The report will also identify if the applicant has caused problems in any other rental properties. 

It is necessary for all UK PRS landlords to be thorough and to take every precaution
to protect their income and their rental property asset!

Landlords or their appointed agents should compile a full and detailed inventory once a tenant moves into a rental property as landlords who do so are over 50% more likely to receive the full amount they claim for at the end of a tenancy. Landlords should also carry out regular property inspections, ideally on a quarterly basis, to ensure that the rental property is kept in good condition. 

Finding the right tenant for a rental property should be a much higher priority for landlords rather than raising rents i order to cover costs. It isn’t as though the landlord has to do the referencing themselves, that is what the experts are for and Legal 4 Landlords offer the UK’s most comprehensive service.

Tenant Referencing Saves Landlords Money, Time & Stress!

Tenant Referencing Saves Landlords Money, Time & Stress!

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