How Much Tenant Pain Can You Take?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
A Bad Tenant Is Like A Bad Tooth... Better Out Than In!

A Bad Tenant Is Like A Bad Tooth… Better Out Than In!

A Bad Tenant Is Like A Bad Tooth… Better Out Than In! 

Nobody likes the thought of going to the dentist. It’s so easy to imagine the pain, that awful noise and the feeling of being at the mercy of someone else.

However, if you’ve got a toothache that’s already giving you pain, putting off a visit to the person best qualified to fix it will only make things worse.

Let’s stop thinking about problems with teeth and think about problem tenants instead. Dealing with them can definitely a pain, it could possibly get noisy and there’s no doubt that while they’re in your rental property, you are definitely at their mercy.

What can start out as delayed rent can soon become no rent at all. Minor disturbances and anti social behaviour can quickly escalate to significant damage, not only to your rental property, but also to your reputation as a decent landlord.Landlords can keep wishing a bad tenant situation will sort itself out, but it one of those situations that won’t go away by itself. A problem tenant needs dealing with, quickly and efficiently because every delay means more pain for you and less income from the property asset.

While we’re not big fans of do-it-yourself dentistry, tying a piece of string around a bad tooth and tying it to a slamming door might work and then again, it might not.

It might just increase your pain and get you into a lot of trouble.

Like modern dentistry, tenant evictions don’t have to be painful

Like modern dentistry, tenant evictions don’t have to be painful

That’s why we recommend using an expert – for tooth extractions and for tenant evictions. In fact, just like modern dentistry, tenant evictions don’t have to be painful.

Legal 4 Landlords have got decades of experience, and offer an effective, low-cost, fixed-fee tenant eviction service. We’ll start by looking at the issue in detail and our case review won’t cost you a single penny.

If you decide you want our help, we’ll explain our fees in full and the process that we will undertake, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying and how long the tenant eviction process will take. We handle a lot of tenant evictions every month. We remove problem tenants and get your property back in your hands – and paying its way – quickly, simply and painlessly.

Better out than in? We think so!

Legal 4 Landlords are your professional, friendly and reliable support system. We offer legal, referencing and specialist insurance services designed for landlords just like you.

Call us anytime on 0844 567 4001

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