Is That Steak Dinner A Good Deal?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Some Deals Are Better Than Others And Our INCLUSIVE Deal Is One Of The Best!

Some Deals Are Better Than Others And Our INCLUSIVE Deal Is One Of The Best!

Some Deals Are Better Than Others
And Our INCLUSIVE Deal Is One Of The Best!

Picture the scenario, you have been thinking of treating yourself to a good night out. There’s a swanky new restaurant opened in town. It’s been fully refurbished, the décor looks great, and you have heard some great things about the food.

A quick look at the menu and the prices look affordable, so you think why not and make a reservation.

It’s only when the waiter is taking your order, that you realise that a lot of things on the menu cost extra.

The steak itself might be a fair price but the peppercorn sauce is extra, and so are the vegetables. Order chips too and it’s no longer looking like a good deal for a night out. It’s looking ever so slightly like someone’s taking advantage.

The truth is that, in life, we expect some things to be included, if you order a coffee you don’t really expect to have to pay for the sugar.
But we’re also well used to the £9.99 flight that costs ten times that much after you have included all of the taxes, insurance, booking fees and the cost of daring to take luggage.At Legal 4 Landlords, we know that both methods have their place. There are often good reasons for some extra charges, and sometimes paying separately for just what you need does actually make sense. After all, why pay for chips if you’re dieting?

But we also believe that a deal where everything is included can be a simple and cost-effective solution.

That’s why we’ve introduced INCLUSIVE, our latest tenant-referencing package.

Since we launched our INCLUSIVE deal, it’s proved to be a massive hit with letting agents.

They love getting the benefits of our trusted complete tenant referencing combined with 12 months legal expenses cover – especially as it’s on offer at a very nice, affordable price.

We’re not saying that inclusive deals suit everyone. We’re just saying that our INCLUSIVE deal is well worth looking at.

And with offers like INCLUSIVE there might just be a few more fancy restaurant dinners on the cards.

If you’ve got an eye for a good deal, call us on 0844 567 4001
or find us online at www.legal4landlords.com

Inclusive Tenant Referencing

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