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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wide Range Of Landlord Resources To Make Renting To Tenants Easier

Wide Range Of Landlord Resources To Make Renting To Tenants Easier

Wide Range Of Landlord Resources Makes Renting To Tenants Easier

With buy to let property investment booming in the UK, thanks to strong tenant demand and a wealth of improved specialist landlord resources available the property lettings industry, there are many good reasons for being a private rental sector (PRS) landlord in the UK right now!

The UK buy to let property market is continuing to expand as more would be property investors look to enter the property rental arena. However, the expansion of the UK PRS is being supported by the development of a wide range of specialist products and services to aid landlords and letting agents operate their businesses with ease and efficiency, whilst protecting their property assets and rental incomes.

From Building insurance specifically for landlords of rental properties, tenant contents and liability cover, tenant referencing, rent protection insurance through to no trace – no fee tenant tracing and debt recovery solutions as well as tenant eviction specialists, there are many landlord resources that have been especially developed for the UK property lettings industry.

Finding the right tenant for a rental property is important, there are some inexperienced landlords who would foolishly accept the first applicant that comes along because they were desperate to get their property let, only to regret their choice further down the line when the tenant stops paying the rent or becomes difficult to deal with, forcing the landlord to evict the tenant and start the rental process all over again.Tenant referencing provides detailed background and financial information on all tenant applicants and Legal 4 Landlords pioneering tenant referencing system is unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Legal 4 Landlords advanced system is more efficient and more reliable than any other tenant referencing system on the UK market allowing letting agents and landlords to track and manage tenant reference reports online with speed and efficiency.

Rent protection insurance covers the landlords rental income should the tenant experience a sudden change in circumstances, allowing landlords the security of continued rental income for the term of the policy, providing the tenant with enough time to get back on their feet without the worry of facing immediate eviction for non payment of the rent.

However, should the landlord need to end a tenancy and evict the tenant for default or breach of the assured short-hold tenancy agreement then the UK’s largest tenant eviction specialists, Legal 4 Landlords have over 30 years experience in evicting tenants and their dedicated in-house eviction team offer an unrivalled rapid process to reduce the amount of time it takes to evict tenants.

The UK PRS will continue to expand sustainably thanks to the wealth of specialist landlord resources being developed by market leaders like Legal 4 Landlords, and long may it continue!

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