Landlords Fed Up Of Paying For Property Repair Bills

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Avoid Costly Rental Property Repair Bills With Tenant Liability Insurance

Landlords Can Avoid Costly Rental Property Repair Bills With Tenant Liability Insurance

Landlords And Tenants Can Avoid Costly Property Repair
Bills With Tenant Liability Insurance

Many UK private rental sector landlords are getting well and truly fed up with having to pay for property repair bills for their rental assets due to damage caused by tenants, even if the problem was caused by accident.

Up to 30% of private rented sector tenants claim that they have made property repairs themselves rather than asking their landlord to do it, because they knew that they had caused the issue.

New research conducted by AA Home Membership discovered that the cost of  property repair arranged or conducted by the tenant of a private rented sector property was on average around £63.20 (GBP), with one in six tenants paying over £100 to fix issues caused by accidental damage.

  • 20% of tenants paid out to have a blocked drain cleared or have a faulty shower repaired after they had caused the problem.
  • 17% of PRS tenants willingly paid tradesmen to fix faulty wiring or replace a broken door lock or lost keys because they knew that it was their own fault.
  • 14% of PRS tenants paid to replace a damaged carpet replaced or get a leak repaired because of accidental damage.
  • 7% of tenants even paid out for their boiler to be repaired because they didn’t want to inform their landlord.

Helen Brooker, head of AA Home Membership, said: “Not being responsible for property repairs is often seen as a perk of renting. Some landlords may accuse tenants of not taking care of properties but our research shows they seem to be more conscientious than they’re often given credit for. The relationship between landlords and tenants can be rather fragile and fallouts over repairs are quite common. Some of the repairs that tenants told us they’d undertaken might have been quite simple and cheap to fix. But gas and electrical problems should only be carried out by properly qualified professionals.”

Landlords can avoid such troublesome property repair issues by taking out Tenant Liability Insurance, which covers accidental damage caused to the rented property by tenant actions.The AA say that the majority of tenants surveyed were visited by their landlord on the same day as the problem was reported, although almost 30% of tenants had to wait more than a week for the landlord to sort it out.

Accidents happen, and paying for any kind of property reapir can be expensive, but even if the damage is accidental it is still the tenant’s responsibility to pay for damage caused, or the landlord will be entitled to deduct the cost of the repairs from the tenant’s deposit.

  • 50% of the tenants who responded to the AA survey said that they had fixed something because it was quicker and easier to do it themselves.
  • 25% of the tenants surveyed said that they had caused the damage and felt responsible for repairing it,
  • 13% of tenant respondents claimed that their landlord had refused to help.
  • 6% of tenants claimed that their clumsy landlord made the problem worse due to bodged repairs.

Tenants have a duty of care towards the landlord’s rental property and should report all defects and issues to the letting or property management agent or directly to the landlord as soon as they are discovered in order to protect the interests of the tenant (ie. To protect the value of their deposit), as well as the integrity of the rental property.

Many tenants willingly adhere to all the terms of their tenancy agreements but there are tenants who will not accept any liability for anything even though they caused the problem in the property in the first place.

Tenants liability insurance is peace of mind for all types of tenants in PRS properties. As with almost all residential tenancies in the UK, it is the tenant who is responsible for repairs, if they cause any damage to the property (even if it is accidental) to the building itself and any fixtures, fittings and furniture provided with it.

Tenant Liability insurance costs just £60 for 12 months insurance cover against accidental damage to rented property – furniture, fittings and fixtures up to the value of £2,500 (GBP).

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