Properties, pets and problems

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pets and properties...

It seems pets are posing problems in the booming rental market, as landlords are refusing to allow them in their properties. It’s hardly surprising as they fear they will damage furniture, fixtures and even bring fleas.

Times are hard enough as it is for those searching for homes, with difficulties securing mortgages and repossessions on the up. Having a pet in tow makes the odds on tenants finding a home for themselves and their trusted companion even slimmer. At present, humans without a furry friend have a one in four chance of securing accommodation.

More than 236 dogs and cats were left at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in south London in 2010 because their owners were suffering housing problems.
Facts like this bring me to the question – should landlords be adjusting their tenancy agreements and make them less restrictive on pet ownership? Maybe you could introduce a higher deposit for pet owner tenants? Or even be introduced to the pet in question –to see if it’s as well-behaved as its mummy or daddy make out.

Pet Friendly Rentals provides information about private landlords who allow pets in their properties. Creator Darren Lock said: “Pets just don’t understand why, one day, they have a lap to curl up on and, the next day, their lives are turned upside down through no fault of their own. Encouraging more landlords to allow pets will help to keep more families together.”

That said, landlords who are open-minded when it comes to welcoming pets into their properties need to take care. Make sure you register your deposit, carry out thorough inventories and even do regular checks on the property – you don’t want to discover your renting out a zoo…

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