Specialist Service Providers Are Key To Landlord Success

Friday, January 2, 2015

Specialist Service Providers Are Key To Landlord Success

Specialist Service Providers Are Key To Landlord Success

Specialist Service Providers Are The Secret Of PRS Landlord Success!

Have you ever wondered why some private rental sector landlords are incredibly successful, enjoying regular rental income from good tenants, whilst some landlords have nothing but trouble?

There are many aspects to being a landlord, both administrative and practical, but what are the best ways to actually achieve property rental success?

Successful landlords do more to ensure that they have everything about their rental property business handled correctly, often systemising processes that are regularly performed for every tenancy, often being conducted by specialist service providers, increasing efficiency and saving time.

The process to achieving success as a landlord depends upon the knowledge and expertise of their chosen specialist service providers, including; insurance and tenant references, letting agents and legal experts.

Legal 4 Landlords offer UK landlords a wide range of specialist services including;

  • Tenant Referencing
    • Instant
    • Full
    • Fast Track
    • Student & Guarantor
    • Company Credit Checks
  • Insurance Services
    • Landlords Buildings
    • Landlord Portfolio
    • Emergency Cover
    • Tenants Contents
    • Tenant Liability
  • Rent Protection
    • 6 Month
    • 12 Month
  • Tenant Evictions
    • Step 1-3 Eviction Process
    • Tracing
    • Debt Recovery
    • Rent Recovery

Legal 4 Landlords is an independent company built from the ground up by landlord businessmen, in the North West of England whose primary focus was to provide legal services for landlords and letting agents.

Now, six years on, Legal 4 Landlords are the UK market leading specialist service providers to the lettings industry and the private rental sector for comprehensive tenant referencing, landlord and tenant insurance services and other legal services.

Legal 4 Landlords have offices across the UK which enables them to look after independent letting agents, multi branch lettings agencies, national chains of letting agents as well as individual private rental sector landlords, offering national experience combined with valuable local knowledge.

Legal 4 Landlords offer a wide range of specialist services to the UK lettings industry with technology paramount to their success, offering an unrivalled level of support across a full range of landlord products and services.

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