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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brief Guide To The Tenant Eviction Process

Brief Guide To The Tenant Eviction Process

A Brief Guide To The Tenant Eviction Process

Every private rental sector landlord wants to avoid the nightmare of housing, or even worse, evicting bad tenants, but it is against the law for the landlord to take matters into their own hands as there are legal processes that must be followed if landlords want to successfully remove bad tenants from rental properties with maximum efficiency and the minimum of fuss.

For the landlord to take action to remove problem tenants from rented property there must be solid grounds on which the tenant eviction is to be based, such as the tenant being more than 8 weeks in rent arrears, continued anti social behaviour or serious breach of the tenancy agreement.

Legal 4 Landlords are the UK’s largest and leading tenant eviction specialists and they have put together a brief guide for landlords to the different aspects of the tenant eviction process. 

Eviction Step 1 (Legal Notices)

For tenant eviction a landlord would generally need to serve one of two notices on the tenant under the Housing Act 1988.

  • A Section 8 Notice is a 14-day notice served on tenants seeking possession of the rental property for the landlord because of more than 8 weeks rent arrears, continuous nuisance or breach of tenancy.
  • A Section 21 Notice is a two month notice to terminate the tenancy agreement and for the landlord to seek possession.

    Legal 4 Landlords often serve both notices simultaneously.

This is when most tenants realise how serious the landlord or their appointed letting agents really are, and in most cases it’s the only jolt the tenants usually need.

Free Initial Advice On The Fastest Method Of Tenant Eviction

  • The Legal 4 Landlords eviction team are the UK’s leading specialist tenant eviction companies and will review the tenant eviction case details and provide the landlord with detailed expert advice and recommendations on the fastest way to evict problem tenants, and the time-scales that could be involved.

Legal 4 Landlords Deal Directly With The Tenant – So Landlords Don’t Have To

  • Legal 4 Landlords will take over the problem from the landlord and deal with the tenant directly, serving the relevant legal notices, and where appropriate, speaking with local authorities to try and have the tenants  re-housed as quickly as possible.

100% Correct And Accurate Legal Notices And Paperwork

  • Legal 4 Landlords know that success is all about the important attention to detail. The majority of eviction cases that are thrown out of UK courts are usually because some aspect of the legal paperwork has not been completed correctly.

    Legal 4 Landlords will ensure that all legal notices are served correctly and a possession order is granted.


Eviction Step 2 (Court Proceedings)

Legal 4 Landlords Will  Start Working On Your Case Within 2 Hours 

  • The Legal 4 Landlords in-house eviction team have a large number of eviction experts working for them, which means that landlords won’t be left waiting for availability. Landlords will be contacted within 2 hours of receiving the initial tenant eviction instruction and the process work will start immediately.

Legal 4 Landlords Arrange All Legal Paperwork Precisely, Ensuring A  Speedy Tenant Eviction Process

·         As soon as Legal 4 Landlords are instructed to act on a landlord or letting agent’s behalf, they begin to put together a water-tight case which ensures nothing other than the tenants eviction is ordered by the judge.

Once Legal 4 Landlords are satisfied that they have all the information that is needed, they will issue formal court proceedings against tenants.

To Minimise Landlords Financial Losses Legal 4 Landlords Apply To The Courts Within 72 Hours

  • Legal 4 Landlords understand that a problem tenants often don’t pay the rent, and what most landlords need is this situation urgently resolved in order to minimise any financial losses.
    As soon as the case is reviewed, Legal 4 Landlords apply to the courts for the earliest court hearing date, usually within 72 hours.

Unbeatable Value Eviction Services From The Experts You Can Trust

  • Legal 4 Landlords tenant eviction fees* are very competitive and they pride themselves on providing extremely high customer service levels.
    *Please note that from the 22nd April 2014 all UK court fees are charged separately since the UK Government increase took effect.

Eviction Step 3 (Bailiffs Service) 

Bailiffs Will Remove Tenants Who Ignore The Court Order

  • In fact very few tenants will actually remain in a rental property after this point. However, in the case where your nuisance tenant wants to drag the eviction process out Legal 4 Landlords can arrange for court bailiffs to visit the rented property to remove the tenants.
  • Legal 4 Landlords will apply to the court bailiffs for a specific date and time for attending the rental property, so the landlord or their letting agent can also arrange for a locksmith to be present.

Arranging A Specific Date And Time For The Eviction

  • Legal 4 Landlords will apply to the court bailiffs for a specific date and time for attending the rental property, so the landlord or their letting agent can also arrange for a locksmith to be present.

The Bailiffs Can Use Physical Force To Remove The Tenants (Where Necessary)

·         The court bailiffs are legally allowed to use physical force (where necessary) to remove tenants from the landlords rental property if they are still present on the date that the bailiffs arrive. If the tenants resist or decide to cause trouble, the bailiffs can call the police who can, and will, arrest violent tenants.


request a free tenant eviction case review

request a free tenant eviction case review

Free Eviction Case Review

  • Not sure which tenant eviction service you need?
  • Would you like advice on tenant eviction time scales?
  • Would you like to request a free case review.

Legal 4 Landlords evict problem tenants across England, Scotland and Wales and with their expanding network of regional offices throughout the UK, Legal 4 Landlords can offer landlords, and their appointed letting agents, local support with national experience, that is why Legal 4 Landlords are the UK’s leading Tenant Eviction specialists!


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