Tenant Eviction Cases Increase 15% in 3 Months

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tenant Eviction Court Delays Costing Landlords Money

Tenant Eviction Court Delays Costing Landlords Money

Tenant Eviction Court Delays Costing Landlords Money

Many of the UK’s County courts are struggling to deal with the increase in the number of private rented sector (PRS) tenant eviction cases brought by landlords and letting agents in the last three months, causing an increase in costly delays for landlords, as rents go unpaid and legal costs spiral.

Government figures suggest that the number of PRS tenant eviction cases have increased by 15%, on the same quarter of 2013, and the closure of many local magistrates’ courts combined with the Government’s fiscal review and local authority spending cuts and the fact that bailiffs no longer work alone in many UK regions have resulted in landlords facing serious delays before they can take possession of their rental properties from defaulting or bad tenants.The judicial delays are costing, the already out of pocket landlords, many thousands of pounds in unpaid rent and legal expenses, causing increasing financial hardship as many landlords struggle to maintain buy to let mortgage payments.
By the courts’ own admissions, tenant eviction cases are being overlooked, the number of administrative errors are increasing and there are not enough bailiffs to support the rise in the number of tenant eviction cases being brought by landlords and letting agents.

It is essential that all UK landlords and letting agents ensure that all legal documentation is accurate, free from errors and contains all the relevant prescribed information required by the courts before tenant eviction proceedings are initiated. That’s why more and more landlords are turning to the UK’s leading tenant eviction specialists – Legal 4 Landlords.

Legal 4 Landlords have the UK’s most experienced in-house eviction team, with over 30 years experience in evicting tenants, offering customers an unrivalled level of service which helps to reduce the amount of time taken to evict tenants.

Legal 4 Landlords offer letting agents and landlords a free case review and evict tenants across England, Scotland and Wales and with a growing network of regional offices they can offer landlords local support with national experience.

Why spend forever chasing courts for updates on possession orders, Notice of Issues or bailiff appointments when there are experts who can handle all the tenant eviction hassle for you?

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