Tenant Referencing Advances Aiding Letting Agents And Landlords

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Advanced Tenant Referencing For Letting Agents And Landlords.

Advanced Tenant Referencing For Letting Agents And Landlords.

Advanced Tenant Referencing For Letting Agents And Landlords

With rental properties in the UK private rented sector being chased by up to 10 applicants at a time in some parts of the UK, how do landlords choose who the best prospective tenant might be?

Legal 4 Landlords are the UK’s leading provider of specialist products and services to landlords and the UK property lettings industry, and their pioneering tenant referencing system is unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Legal 4 Landlords have the most advanced system for conducting background checks on prospective tenants and they are proud to boast about its efficiency and reliability over any other system that is currently available to the property rental market, as letting agents and landlords demand speed, accuracy and reliability, of information on time, every time.
Letting agents and landlords can track and manage all their tenant reference reports online within a few clicks using the most advanced tenant referencing system available – “Native”.

Legal 4 Landlords fully understand the property rental business, so whether you are a letting agent or a landlord – L4L’s advanced tenant referencing system will help protect landlords rental properties and the vital rental income by using in-depth tenant referencing which doesn’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to checking the background of any potential new tenant.

Don’t leave it to chance – Landlords and Letting Agents should choose Legal 4 Landlords to conduct comprehensive tenant referencing so that you can sit back and relax knowing that you are in safe hands.Legal 4 Landlords have built the UK’s most powerful online tenant referencing system available – currently unmatched by other reference providers.

  • The most advanced tenant referencing system on the market
  • Faster and easier to use than ever before
  • Choose from 6 different tenant reference checks available
  • Upgrade instant references to full tenant references without additional credit searches
  • Letting agents can send and manage their own tenant reference links

Each tenant reference report analyses the personal information of prospective tenants that are held by the credit reference agencies as standard.

Choose the right tenants to protect the landlords income!

*All prices are +VAT

Instant tenant reference reports are now available, forms can be completed online or by downloading a PDF form and letting agents can take advantage of the UK’s most advanced tenant referencing system - click here to register for a free account.

Letting agents who are registered to use Legal 4 Landlords online tenant referencing system can easily upgrade any instant tenant reference to a full tenant reference without the need for an additional credit check, and more importantly, without being charged for the initial instant tenant reference.

 Instant Tenant Referencing Service - £12

Comprehensive tenant referencing is the most popular and most comprehensive tenant referencing report requested by landlords and letting agents.

The comprehensive tenant referencing report determines a great deal of useful information as it carries out a vast amount of checks to:

  • Verify your tenants ID
  • Analyse their financial situation and affordability
  • Verify their bank account
  • Give landlords an insight in to their lifestyle – which combined will help you / your letting agent choice the right tenant for your property.

90% of Legal 4 Landlords Full Tenant References are completed with 48 hours.

 Full Tenant Referencing - £35.00

Full Fast Track Tenant Referencing contains the same detailed checks that our Full Tenant Reference contains which will give you an in-depth report on your potential tenant’s suitability.

The only difference is that the fast track tenant reference will be completed much quicker, which makes it ideal for urgent cases when the landlord, or their appointed letting agents, require the report to be completed in less than 4 hours.

 Full Fast Track Tenant Reference – £45.00

The Student + Guarantor Reference is a great value cost saving report which effectively provides two reports in one.

Combined on the same report Legal 4 Landlords analyse the potential student tenant alongside their guarantor and can be particular useful when the rental payments are to be met in part or in full by the students guarantor.

NOTE: The Student + Guarantor Reference maybe also suitable for some non-working tenants where their rental payments are being met by housing benefits received from local authorities.

 Student + Guarantors Reference - £40.00

Company credit reports are high quality assessments that combine information from reports sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust and The London & Edinburgh Gazette with notes on the relevant business to help you make informed business decisions.

 UK Company Credit Check - £20.00

Given enough information Legal 4 Landlords can carry out a company check in any of these countries:


France Ireland Sweden Portugal Malta Greece
Holland Belgium Germany Latvia Russia Switzerland
Finland Spain Italy Iceland Ukraine Canada
Norway Czech Republic Poland Lithuania Slovakia USA


 Overseas Company Credit Checks - £60.00

Legal 4 Landlords also have the ability to consult their own dedicated in-house tenant eviction and debt recovery database to check that they have not had any previous dealings with the potential tenants being referenced, if they have dealt with them before then you are guaranteed that your potential tenant will be high risk.

If you are unsure which report would work best for you please contact Legal 4 Landlords and our tenant reference team will be happy to explain the differences.

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