What Landlords Want for Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2013
What Landlords Want for Christmas

What Landlords Want for Christmas

Landlord Christmas Present Ideas

There are some things that all UK private rented sector landlords want that just can’t be wrapped. The Christmas wish list for landlords could be endless however below are some tips on how landlords can get the gifts they really want!

No Rent Arrears

During the festive season it is likely that some tenants may fall into rent arrears due to their financial commitments being stretched. In turn, landlords need to prepare finances in advance to negate any lost rental income. Rent Guarantee Insurance will ensure landlords don’t struggle.

Tenanted Properties

The UK private rental sector (PRS) is still booming with little diminishment in tenant demand so many landlords can find tenants easily to fill empty rental properties. Completing comprehensive Tenant Referencing checks helps landlords sift through prospective tenant applications to find the tenants most suitable for rental properties.

Good Weather

UK PRS landlords would much rather have milder weather rather than a white Christmas. Snow, rain and heavy winds often cause property damage to property, and the result is usually multiple phone calls from tenants needing emergency repairs, help or advice. Landlord insurance covers any damage to your property and ensures that repairs will be carried out swiftly.

Good Tenants

Christmas should be a time of excitement and fun for everyone, however this often means that people can be unconciously inconsiderate. It is important for tenants to remember to be considerate to neighbours over the festive holidays, ensuring everyone has a good time.

Healthy Property Market

The UK economy and property market, have seen good improvements during 2013, which is great news for landlords who use rental properties to fund their futures. Many landlords want this positive trend to carry on for the foreseeable future, and so far it looks as though this wish may come true. After all a stronger economy in 2014 will be beneficial for the whole of the UK and will enable landlords to relax a little.

Plan Ahead

To make the most of the upcoming year UK PRS landlords should start making a business plan for 2014 and beyond now, to avoid getting finances overstretched and smart landlords will use rent guarantee insurance to protect their rental income.

But what physical gifts can you buy for UK landlords?

Android Tablets

Being a landlord means being organised, this means making notes, sending and receiving emails. These days, having all the information you need with you at all times is extremely easy, and an android tablet is a great way for landlords to store and access information on the move. Prices range from under £100 – over £500


Even though there is a wide range of technology used by landlords to organise their businesses, and they should also always have a pen and paper on them in order to note down reminders or even sign contracts. Personalised stationary will not only allow landlords to write letters in style, but will also make them look and feel even more professional to their tenants.

Time keeping

Why not get the landlord in your life a watch? Being punctual for important meetings is a huge aspect of being a landlord, especially as most days they have multiple meetings all in different areas and a decent watch could even help them run their business more smoothly in the future.

Shopping Vouchers

Maybe not the most exciting gift in the world, however landlords often have to spend a lot of their time and money buying bits and pieces for the maintenance of their rental properties. Even if the landlord is in the middle of a property renovation or refurbishment covered by landlord insurance, there is always the chance that the landlord will need something to help with the job, and having some vouchers handy means they won’t have to spend much of their own money. This could also be a great gift to pop in a card and mail, as it won’t cost you any extra to send!

5 Minutes Peace

The biggest thing that UK PRS landlords want for Christmas is a little time to themselves allowing them to relax and wind down, even if it is just for five minutes. Being a landlord in the UK PRS means being extremely organised, having multiple meetings in a day and always being on call.


A nice pair of slippers is a perfect treat for any busy landlord, and we are sure that they will really appreciate you helping them make the time to enjoy their Christmas as much as possible.

Finding the ideal present for a landlord doesn’t have to be difficult, and while you may not be able to guarantee them a stress-free festive break, thoughtful tenants will be a big help this Christmas

Getting everything you want for Christmas as a landlord is achievable; it just takes careful planning and a bit of help from specialist service providers like Legal4Landlords.

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