2015 Could See Landlords Expanding Rental Property Portfolios

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Could See Landlords Expanding Rental Property Portfolios

2015 Could See Landlords Expanding Rental Property Portfolios

Over 50% Of UK Landlords Seek To
Expand Rental Property Portfolios In 2015 

There is a great deal for private sector landlords with rental property portfolios to get excited about in 2015, according to the latest research carried out by an online letting agent.

Residential property prices continued to rise last year, despite the doom laden media headlines, the introduction of the mortgage market review and subsequent changes in Government legislation.

Falling rent arrears and rising rental prices have fuelled optimism for 2015 among private rental sector (PRS) landlords, with many rental property portfolio landlords enjoying some degree of equity growth in their rental properties over the last 12 months.

The continued technological advances in tenant referencing and further development of specialist landlord and tenant insurance policies also provide a useful operational safety net for landlords, protecting property assets and rental income as well as increasing profitability.Legal 4 Landlords pioneering tenant referencing system is unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Their advanced tenant referencing system is more efficient and more reliable than any other system on the market, allowing letting agents and landlords to track and manage all their tenant reference reports online with just a few clicks.

Plus, Legal 4 Landlords also have a wide range of specialist insurance products for rental properties, that have been carefully designed to offer PRS landlords and tenants the best level of insurance cover at the best possible prices, including:

The research carried out in December 2014 also discovered that over the last 12 months

  • 50% of UK PRS landlords had achieved rental yields between 6% and 8%
  • 40% of UK PRS landlords achieved rental yields around 4%
  • 10% of UK PRS landlords achieved 8%+ rental yields

The study conducted amongst rental property owners by online letting agent PropertyLetByUs also found that up to 25% of landlords could be planning to cash in on the rising property prices by selling some of their rental properties in 2015.

With residential property prices likely to continue to increase during 2015, home ownership in the UK has fallen to its lowest level for a quarter of a century, according to the study, largely due to property affordability stress testing under the terms of the mortgage market review and continued strong tenant demand boosting the continued rise of the private rental sector and rental property portfolio landlords.

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