Can Anyone Get Buy To Let Mortgages?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buy to Let Mortgages Are Not Difficult To Get

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Buy to Let Mortgages Are Not Difficult To Get

The Mortgage Market Review (MMR) has made obtaining residential mortgages more difficult for some borrowers and the financial affordability tests imposed by lenders are also being applied by specialist lenders to buy to let mortgages too, slowing down the purchasing process for many landlords.

Many landlords who have been looking to expand rental property portfolios have faced delays over buy to let mortgage approvals, in some cases jeopardising property purchases as some buy to let mortgage lenders have started to over-analyse every step of the process, causing a great deal of frustration for the landlord.
The current strong tenant demand for rental properties has come about because of limited supply of suitable properties coming to market, reducing tenant choice and pushing up rental prices in some areas, especially London,the Home Counties and the South East with average rents exceeding £1000 per month.More and more people are finding renting property more practical and flexible, because of lifestyle choices, outstanding financial pressures, employment requirements and in some cases, relocation.

Renting property used to be the ‘poor relative’ when compared to residential property ownership, but with the advent of Generation Rent since the property crash in 2007, rented property has become the popular and intelligent option for many.

Recent changes to Government legislation have brought the public’s focus on the private rental sector with new legislation intended to protect tenant rights and force landlords to raise standards of rental accommodation across the UK.

Legal 4 Landlords spokesman, Sim Sekhon said “ Tenant demand for rented accommodation has remained consistently strong over the last couple of years, and Legal 4 Landlords continue to pioneer the wide range of specialist products and services available to landlords and letting agents in order to allow them more stability and security operating their rental property businesses. Our sister company, Finance 4 Landlords specialise in Buy-to-Let Mortgages and RemortgagesLandlords Insurance,Rent GuaranteesHMO Finance and Bridging Loans. If you are looking for the best Buy-to-Let Mortgage, or commercial mortgage deals and interest rates then talk to Finance 4 Landlords.”

Finance 4 Landlords have been working in the buy to let and commercial mortgage market for many years providing great buy to let mortgages and commercial mortgage deals to landlords and property investors.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced landlord, a developer or are just starting out in buy to let or commercial property, we can help you get your mortgage arranged quickly.

Contact Finance 4 Landlords today to discuss how they can assist you with your Buy To Let Mortgage requirements: 0844 567 9002

Buy to Let Mortgages Are Not Difficult To Get

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