DIY Tenant Eviction Can Be Costly!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

DIY Tenant Eviction Can Be Costly!

DIY Tenant Eviction Can Be Costly!

UK PRS Landlord Ordered To Pay £2,340
For Unlawful Tenant Eviction

A private rental sector (PRS) landlord from Oxfordshire has been prosecuted by West Oxfordshire District Council for an unlawful tenant eviction.

The landlord, Mr Jaroslaw Piotrowski of Witney Rooms Ltd was prosecuted by Oxford Magistrates Court on Tuesday 11th November 2014 for the illegal tenant eviction of Mr Damien McClure from a privately rented property in Witney.

It was alleged that Mr Piotrowski had changed all the locks to the rental property preventing Mr McClure from accessing the rented accommodation and despite numerous requests made by council officers on McClure’s behalf, Mr Piotrowski failed to provide access.

Mr Piotrowski was fined £400 (GBP), the maximum amount for the offence of unlawful tenant eviction, and was ordered to pay £1,550 (GBP) costs, plus a £40 victim surcharge and ordered to pay Mr McClure £350 (GBP) in compensation.

DIY tenant eviction can be a very expensive process for landlords and letting agents to attempt, as every aspect of the required documentation must be accurate and contain no errors.Even the slightest mistake on legal paperwork can see the landlord having the case thrown out of court, prolonging the tenant eviction process and increasing the financial burden being faced. It is always worth turning to a leading tenant eviction specialist, such as the UK’s market leading, Legal 4 Landlords, for professional and efficient tenant evictions.

Cllr David Harvey, Conservative District Councillor for Witney South Ward, said: “Landlords cannot ignore the law and assume they can evict tenants without going through the correct procedures. This case sends out a clear message that the council, when its advice and guidance are ignored, will use its powers to prosecute landlords who disregard the law and that we will provide assistance to anyone living in private rented accommodation facing similar issues.”

Sim Sekhon, spokesman for the UK’s fastest growing tenant eviction specialists, Legal 4 Landlords, said “We have an experienced in-house eviction team, who have over 30 years experience in tenant evictions and we offer our landlord and letting agent customers an unrivalled level of service which helps to reduce the amount of time taken to evict troublesome and non paying tenants. Landlords and their appointed letting agents can request a free case review before proceedings begin and Legal 4 Landlords can evict tenants across England, Scotland and Wales through our network of regional offices, offering landlords local support with national experience”.

Landlords should not leave anything to chance, if there are bad tenants that need to be evicted, then call Legal 4 Landlords – The UK’s leading Tenant Eviction Specialists, after all they are the market leading specialist providers to the UK lettings industry and recommended by 97% of UK letting agents.

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