High Proportion Of Tenants Experience Rental Property Issues

Thursday, July 23, 2015
High Proportion Of Tenants Experiencing Serious Issues

High Proportion Of Tenants Experiencing Rental Property Issues

60% Of PRS Tenants Experience Rental Property Problems 

Over half the tenants in the UK’s private rental sector have reported facing a number of serious issues with their rental property according to a new study conducted by Ocean Finance.

The research conducted among 2000 tenants of private rented sector properties discovered that an astounding 60% have already faced a number of potentially serious issues with their rental property over the course of the last twelve months.

The most common complaints made by private rented sector tenants in  rental properties include:

  • Damp
  • Leaks
  • Other structural problems

From the survey’s findings, there were also a number of other issues faced by tenants in PRS properties too; including:

  • 15% of tenants had problems with the length of time it took landlords to address issues
  • 13% of tenants had problems with broken appliances or furniture
  • 14% of tenants had issues with deposit deductions or early eviction
  • 7% of tenants had infestation problems that they expected their landlord to remedy

Gareth Shilton, spokesperson for Ocean Finance said: “Our research indicates that many tenants are living in sub-standard rental properties. One issue may be a lack of clarity over responsibility for addressing problems, with many landlords believing it to be the responsibility of the tenant, when in fact it is their own”.

Landlords do have a legal obligation to ensure that the rental properties they let out are adequately maintained and safe for tenants to live in. Landlords Buildings insurance will cover the financial costs to repair the structure and fabric of the rental property, however the landlord must perform regular maintenance checks and carry out repairs as soon as they are reported.

Occasionally instances do occur that cause additional costs for landlords and if it is over tenant’s lack of awareness or failure to carry out their responsibilities whilst living in the property, then the landlord is entitled to request financial compensation from the tenant’s deposited funds.

Common deposit disputes can often include charges for lack of garden maintenance or additional costs incurred by landlords for additional cleaning of the rental property at the end of a tenancy.

Both landlord and tenant responsibilities should be clearly outlined in tenancy agreements so that there is little doubt over each party’s individual responsibilities regarding the rental property and a detailed inventory should be taken including photographs to show the condition when the tenants move into the property. The inventory should be conducted with the new tenant present and this provides the perfect opportunity for landlords to re-iterate the tenant’s responsibilities that are included in clauses in the tenancy agreement (AST).

Tenants can take out specialist tenant liability insurance to cover accidental damage caused to rental properties protecting the full value of deposit funds for as little as £60 (GBP) per year and they can also obtain tenant contents insurance to protect their own personal belongings in rented property – Click Here to find out more.

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