Specialist Services For Landlords Boost UK Property Investment

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Specialist Services For Landlords Boost UK Property Investment

Specialist Services For Landlords Boost UK Property Investment

UK Property Market Attracting New Investment Activity

The UK property market was one of the worst affected financial markets badly affected by the global economic crash in 2008, but there were a number of defiant property investors who chose to remain in the lucrative rental market because of the increasing demand for rental properties by people affected by the financial chaos caused by banks, and the development of a number of specialist products and services available to landlords.

Now that economic figures show the UK property market is back on an upward curve, even more potential investment opportunities are becoming available and the range of services designed to help landlords and letting agents has continued to expand.

Legal 4 Landlords have been at the forefront of specialist product and service development for the past 5 years, introducing market leading comprehensive tenant referencing, rent protection and specialist insurance services alongside tenant eviction and debt recovery provisions.Spokesman for Legal4Landlords, Sim Sekhon said: “ Legal4Landlords was set up to help protect the interests of private rented sector landlords and letting agents, as there was a lack of specialist service providers to the UK property industry. Now our services have improved even more and the company has gone global with interest from landlords around the world.”

With the UK economy continually improving, the property market is once again tempting would be property investors with impressive returns.

Property investment opportunities are increasingly varied, and latest reports show that commercial properties and new build developments are among some of the more profitable and lucrative opportunities that are attracting new and seasoned property investors and portfolio landlords.

With the UK economy and property market recovering and showing further promise of healthy returns, now is probably one of the best times to invest.

Demand for residential property has been boosted by the Government’s “Help-To-Buy” scheme, attracting interest from first-time and next-step buyers, however the supply of available properties coming to market remains limited, so property prices will continue to creep up, making the opportunity for healthy yields for property investors.

Commercial property investment is also increasing, a report from Knight Frank shows the growth of regional office investment, with a six year high figure of £1.63 Billion (GBP) being invested in the sector during 2013, with cities such as Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow enjoying huge upturns in commercial property investment.

There are a range of specialist products and services from Legal4Landlords that are available to UK landlords including:


Specialist Services For Landlords Boost UK Property Investment

Specialist Services For Landlords Boost UK Property Investment




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