Top UK Cities For Buy-To-Let

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Top UK Cities For Buy-To-Let

Top UK Cities For Buy-To-Let

Buy-To-Let Increases In University Cities

The private rented sector of the UK property market is booming and property investors are taking advantage of the affordability and availability of Buy-To-Let mortgages to increase their rental property portfolios.

Despite the increase in tuition fees, university admissions are at an all time high, and demand for student friendly accommodation has also increased dramatically.

Students make ideal tenants for many landlords as they are likely to need housing for two to three years because of the length of degree courses and many universities prefer to use accredited landlords that conform to strict accommodation guidelines.

The “Generation Rent” phenomena has seen an increasing number of UK residents turn to renting properties in the private rental sector because they have been unable to afford to purchase their own property, emulating the preferred rental tenancy model widely used in many European countries.

To meet the continuing unprecedented demand for rental property in the UK, many landlords are now searching for the best Buy-To-Let mortgages available so that they can continue expanding their rental property portfolios.

So where are the best Buy-To-Let hotspots in the UK?

London is undoubtedly the most popular city for buy-to-let property investment in the UK, attracting tenants from all over the UK due to the sheer volume of employment opportunities being offered. The over inflated cost of buying residential property in the nation’s capital is one of the main reasons behind the demand for rented property in London, and property investors are expanding rental property portfolios in the city using the wealth of available buy-to-let mortgage products to finance property purchases.

Brighton is the second largest buy-to-let hotspot in the UK, with two highly-respected universities in the city, a high density of private rented sector properties and fantastic accessibility to London via public transport making it one of the most appealing places to live in the UK.

Liverpool is now the UK’s third best buy-to-let hotspot due to high tenant demand, the availability of lots of cheap property and the fact that the city boasts 3 universities, makes the northern city a popular choice for property investors.

Other UK cities considered to be buy-to-let hotspots include Birmingham, Southampton, Manchester and Nottingham, due to the volume of tenant demand for rental properties because of employment opportunities and multiple universities in these cities.

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