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Tuesday, November 4, 2014
To get the most talented employees; develop them yourself

To get the most talented employees; develop them yourself

To get the most talented employees; develop them yourself

Training is the best investment any company can make. Done well, training can develop employees towards long-term career goals and promote greater job satisfaction.

When you come right down to it, customer service is about people. One person (your customer) contacts another person (your employee) because they need assistance.

Your employee needs the skills to make this interaction a pleasant and productive experience. And you need to know how to find, train, and retain that employee.

The performance of your staff is vital to the growth of your company. Good employees will support and underpin your success, so it pays to employ the right staff for the right jobs and retain the talent that you already have – saving you time and money in recruitment.

Implementing better employee training tactics will give your company a chance at higher levels of employee retention. Consider the following tips for improving your company’s employee training processes:

#1 Set the tone

Successful employee training starts from day one. Focusing on creating a workplace  environment with a positive focus on learning will not only give employees the confidence to learn in their new position; but it will also allow them to seek out ways to grow throughout their time on staff.

#2 Train on the company mission, values & goals

Employee training shouldn’t just be based on acquiring specific knowledge for a position. Your workers need to be provided with the proper training for their position and for success within the company. Focus training efforts on building an understanding the company mission, organizational culture, values, and goals. Through this specific training, employees will garner a greater understanding, interest, and respect for company culture, allowing them to better utilize it on a daily basis.

#3 Utilize mentors for continued training

Regardless of tenure, all of your employees can benefit from a mentor. Some of the best learning experiences happen through acquiring guidance and knowledge from someone with more experience. Whether they’re partaking in the onboarding process or they’ve been with you for 5 years, pairing your employees with a more experienced confidant can provide them with an unmatched form of guidance and learning. Consider creating a company-wide initiative for mentoring, which takes place both inside and outside of the office.

#4 Set goals for company-wide success

Employee training goals should go beyond simply reading a training pack and completing a questionnaire. Enhanced company-wide training comes from clearer effective goal setting. Set individual training goals for each employee, in addition to departmental goals, and even company-wide goals. It’s also important to establish an effective measurement for training. This will provide a greater understanding of what is and isn’t working for certain employees, departments, and the entire company.

#5 Training doesn’t have to be a chore

Learning is much easier when you’re having a good time doing it. Provide your employees with a fun and engaging experience during training. If you’re looking to increase the motivation and engagement levels of your staff, seek out new ways to make training enjoyable.

#6 Develop a system of recognition

While training may be mandatory, it’s still important to show your employees you care about their growth. Developing a system of recognition will provide your employees with a unique incentive for learning. Set a company-wide standard for the way you reward employees throughout their training development. Consider making these rewards as unique as your company.

With a focus on training to retain within your company, your employees will be more likely to extend their stay. Remember, it all starts with encouraging a positive learning environment and giving your employees access to the necessary resources for growth.

When you create a culture that’s open and transparent and where people are recognised, engaged and they believe in what they are doing, employees not only stay with you, but they encourage others and inspire excellence in those around them.

Ultimately, your team is the single most important influence on your clients.  People do business with people they like.

An average of 60% of new agents drop out in the first three months……

I set up Estate Agency All-Stars to assist “Making the hiring and retention of junior agents a more long-term thing was one of the main motivations behind starting Estate Agency All-Stars.”

The programme’s participants are offered extensive training, something that is not currently available to most new agents. The process aims to give candidates everything they need to do well in the industry, as well as an edge over other new recruits and possibly even agents who have been in the job for years.

Across the five days the course covers what exactly estate agency is and the main processes behind running a successful agency business. It also teaches essential property industry knowledge, good questioning and listening skills, benefit selling, the role of portals, the art of negotiation, how to conduct accompanied viewings, secure offers and handle fee enquiries effectively, and how to book valuation appointments in an exceptional manner. Much of the course is completed on laptops donated by Rightmove, who also come in to train recruits for half a day on Wednesdays.

Estate Agency All Stars attracts people from far and wide.

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