What Does A Problem Tenant Look Like?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Are Problem Tenants Easy To Spot?

Are Problem Tenants Easy To Spot?

Are Problem Tenants Easy To Spot?

When potential tenants turn up to view rental properties, you might get some bad vibes and, in those cases, you’ll probably want to look for someone else as a preferred tenant.

And then someone else comes along, and they seem just what you’re looking for because they are in employment, present themselves as clean and tidy, with no obvious issues.

Or should that be no obvious issues…that you can see?

A potential tenant with a poor credit history, or a job that’s heading for the rocks, won’t always be upfront about their circumstances when they’re looking for somewhere to live.

Landlords and letting agents can’t always spot problem tenants at first glance but they can use our professional insight. Legal 4 Landlords tenant referencing is fast, accurate and flexible.Start with an Instant Tenant Reference and, if that’s OK, upgrade it to find out more. And, if speed is of the essence, we’ve got a Fast Track service that’s in depth and which takes just 4 hours.

That’s right, just 4 hours, not 24. That’s the kind of speed you need when your potential tenant wants an answer quickly and has got other properties to see.

That’s the kind of speed you need when more than one party is looking to sign a lease.

Legal 4 Landlords can’t predict the future any more than you can, but we can access a lot of useful information.

One thing is sure: if you start off on the wrong foot, things will only get worse. Fast, reliable and thorough tenant referencing helps landlords and letting agents avoid problem tenants in order to secure the right tenant, helps to prevent voids and protects your property and your rental income.

Legal 4 Landlords are your professional, friendly and reliable support system, with a portfolio of referencing, insurance and legal services designed for landlords like you.

Call us anytime on 0844 567 4001 or find us online at www.legal4landlords.com

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